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If you're unsure what you should be doing or have a specific requirement and are based in or around Norfolk, or just want a general chat about what health and safety means for your company, we'll happily spend up to a couple of hours with you in person (or on the phone if you're further afield).

We'll find out what you do and provide you with information on what you need to do to do to comply with your health and safety responsibilities, including (if you need them), example policy and risk assessment templates that you can adapt and use yourself (these are published free of charge by the Health and Safety Executive).

All free of charge.

If you don't want anything more from us, then great, best of luck with it all. But if you do want some help, we'll provide a proposal that reflects what you need and no more. We'll support you as much or as little as you want.

Above all, we won't overstate what you need to be doing to meet your health and safety responsibilities.

Doesn't that sound a sensible way forward?

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